2012. január 10., kedd

ObamaNixon Now!

You asked for an end to the war. You wanted peace. You asked for a say in our government. You wanted a voice in your future. You said, why isn't something being done to save our environment? You wanted human priorities to come first. You spoke out for change. You asked for reform. You looked for a better America.

When Barack Obama came into office, all of America was asking for change - especially our youth. President Obama wanted to turn things around.

The war must end, you said. There were 145,000 American troops in Iraq when President Obama took office. Today, over 100,000 American soldiers have come home. Less than 40,000 remain, none engaged in ground combat.

--És csak Nixont kellett kicserélni Obamára, Vietnámot pedig a számokkal együtt Irakra. Minden más ugyanaz.--

Ezt pedig simán mondhatta volna akár Obama is: "We cannot learn from one another until we stop shouting at one another. Until we speak quietly enough so that our words can be heard, as well as our voices".


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SiRE írta...

Democrats are today's republicans, if what you are saying is true. :)